Think Differently About Self-Employment

A New Approach To Entrepreneurship p

It’s Time To Consider New Thinking & A New Approach To Self-Employment

Indeed, there has to be a new approach to entrepreneurship because the model we’ve used for years just doesn’t work. And by ‘not working’, we mean that the current model results in far more small business failures than successes. Old thinking and practices have produced nothing but dreadful losses. And unfortunately this antiquated way of approaching business ownership hasn’t been challenged, until now. We’ve taken a big step by saying that the old/current approach is upside down.
Unless we’re very sadly mistaken, every course or program under the title ‘Entrepreneurship’ ultimately comes down to a business plan. That plan might be centered on finance, marketing, technology, or any other aspect of the venture, but it’s ‘business.’
That play is old, really old. So why not look at an alternative, a thoughtful alternative that says ‘maybe business success and/or failure is not due to great or poor business plans.’ We, after many years of study, observation and working with entrepreneurs, see that the person, not the business plan is the most important part of the equation.
The Focus Program For Emerging Entrepreneurs ( is not a step, but a leap in the right direction. Every prospective business owner should welcome more weapons in the fight to achieve success. This is your new approach to entrepreneurship.