Excellent course! This course is an invaluable tool for either the budding entrepreneur or those with more experience needing to ‘up their game’. It outlines how to assess what type of venture would work best based on personality type, and more importantly, how to avoid the common pitfalls that beset most failed entrepreneurs.
Prentis G., New York, NY
The instructor is great, the production is excellent, I learned a lot about myself and what type of business I am best suited for and would be happiest working in.
Johanna N., Bethesda, MD
As a businessman and entrepreneur I wish I had such an insightful and helpful program when starting out in self-employment. I highly recommend this program to anyone, no matter how much experience they may already have in order to gain insight we all need to move forward. I will certainly make this a ‘first play to start’ for each of my children. The advice starts here! The instructor was very engaging and clear. The format and quality are very good and the course was easy to follow.
Joseph G., Austin, TX
I own multiple businesses and graduated from a Top 20 MBA program, but the Focus process has been one of the most important learning experiences affecting my future success. It should be a requirement for any aspiring business student. The Bibby Group helped me discover important personal and business insights that I simply would not have discovered on my own, and unlike many other “coaching programs,” the Bibby Group helped me align these insights with future goals and plans. It may be an overused cliché, but if you are willing to put in the effort, this program is worth many times the price of admission. My only regret is I did not do it sooner.
John M., Nashville, TN
The Focus Program provided a framework for looking thoroughly and objectively at how we matched up in relation to various entrepreneurial paths and opportunities. It helped us see how our individual skills, experiences and interests complemented and reinforced each other and how we could combine them to achieve success in an exciting and fun new venture.
John & Barbara S., Cleveland, OH
When I decided to pursue your method, I honestly did not know what to expect. I am now confident that you have extremely good insight into people’s needs regarding career choice and business ownership.
Buddy W., Atlanta, GA
I am a man in mid-career and found your Focus Program to be insightful and invigorating. It helped to fan the coals that had grown cold but not died.
James N., Ft. Worth, TX
The Program is a little more challenging than I had realized. I am enjoying it and the materials are sinking in slowly.
John S., Anchorage, AK