Entrepreneurship Articles With A Different Perspective

Our articles on entrepreneurship offer a very unique perspective on self-employment; especially as they pertain to the prospective or emerging entrepreneur. Our entrepreneurs are national treasures and they deserve greater attention and support across all lines. The product of their work is the baseline of all that a democratic society can offer in terms of jobs, tax base, growth and all government programs.

The intent of these entrepreneurship articles is to help both prospective and active entrepreneurs achieve greater success and help the casual reader gain greater appreciation for the sacrifices made by those with the conviction and courage to start a new business.

Emerging entrepreneurs need a clear picture of the lifestyle to which they’re committed.  That picture should be developed before a business plan is written or a new venture launched.  The Bibby Group and The Focus Program for Emerging Entrepreneurs are dedicated to helping active and emerging entrepreneurs create that picture and making better, more informed decisions. The Focus Program is an amazing tool for working through the personal issues found along the pathway to self-employment. Our slogan, ‘Personal Planning Should Always Precede Business Planning’, describes the essence of The Focus Program. Our work is dedicated entirely to entrepreneurial success.


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