Successful Entrepreneurs & Their Ventures Are One. Learn How To Achieve That Goal.

The Only System For Finding A Logical Path To Entrepreneurship

$299 for 99 days

$99 for 99 days: Covid-19 Special Pricing

Program Overview

Watch a four-minute video introduction to 'The Focus Program'.

The Truth About Entrepreneurship - Six Minutes to a New Perspective

Here's What You'll Learn:

  • The various ‘types’ of entrepreneurs and where you fit on that continuum
  • Why discovering your entrepreneurial self is a crucial step on the way to success
  • The pros and cons of different paths to ownership and which one might suit you best
  • How to perform franchise due diligence in case you are considering buying a franchise
  • How to define and use certain aptitudes you possess for choosing a business environment
  • How to combine Personal Planning Guides with longer range entrepreneurial goals & choices
  • Use of several Case Studies to demonstrate how the elements of the Focus Program fit together
  • How to create a PERSONAL ENTREPRENEURIAL PORTRAIT; a word picture of yourself in business

No one and no course of study can guarantee entrepreneurial success, but the Focus Program will provide you with:



About the Program Leader

Adrianne-Bibby (1)

Adrianne Bibby - Program Leader

Adrianne Bibby is Principal of the Bibby Group, an international franchise consulting firm. She is a researcher and journalist providing information via articles and Bibby Group’s franchise blog.

Her career includes Newsday, Los Angeles Times and The New York Times where she was the Washington Bureau Editor.

Adrianne took her formal education at Princeton, Paris-Sorbonne, and Georgetown universities.

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You'll have immediate access to this one-of-a-kind, personal insight program for 99 days. Upon completion, you'll have a PERSONAL ENTREPRENEURIAL PORTRAIT℠, a word picture of yourself as an entrepreneur describing a thoughtful path to business ownership. If you or someone you know is dreaming about self-employment, but stalled due to insufficient focus, direction and conviction, the tools you require for making better, more informed decisions can be found here.

$299 for 99 days 

$99 for 99 days: Covid-19 Special Pricing

Entrepreneurship is Independence at Work ℠


"Excellent course! This course is an invaluable tool for either the budding entrepreneur or those with more experience needing to 'up their game'. "

--Prentis G., New York, NY

"The instructor is great, the production is excellent, I learned a lot about myself and what type of business I am best suited for and would be happiest working in."

--Johanna N., Bethesda, MD

"As a businessman and entrepreneur, I wish I had such an insightful and helpful program when starting out in self-employment."

--Joseph G., Austin, TX

"The Focus Program provided a framework for looking thoroughly and objectively at how we matched up in relation to various entrepreneurial paths and opportunities."

--John & Barbara S., Cleveland, OH

"I own multiple businesses and graduated from a Top 20 MBA program, but the Focus process has been one of the most important learning experiences affecting my future success."

--John M., Nashville, TN