Should YOU be self-employed?

What type of business should it be?


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Once you make your purchase, you’ll have immediate access to this one-of-a-kind personal insight program for 99 days. That is more than enough time to discover the entrepreneur within you and make serious decisions about business ownership. If you or someone you know is dreaming about self-employment, but stalled because of doubts and lack of direction, the tools required for making better, more informed decisions are right here.

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About the Program Leader

Adrianne Bibby - Principal, the Bibby Group

Adrianne Bibby – Principal, the Bibby Group

Adrianne Bibby is the Focus Program leader and Principal of the Bibby Group. The Bibby Group is an internationally recognized consultancy and information resource for franchising and entrepreneurship that has created a number of unique development programs.

Her investigative and analytical skills were honed as a journalist (Newsday & Los Angeles Times) and as an Editor (The New York Times, Washington Bureau). She also served on the Washington Press Club Foundation board of directors.

Adrianne received her formal education at Princeton, Paris-Sorbonne, and Georgetown.

If buying a franchise is part of your entrepreneurial plan, the Bibby Group provides outstanding due diligence and investigative services.

How the Program Works

How The Focus Program Works

Franchising is a Jungle. This is Your Survival Guide

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Entrepreneurship is INDEPENDENCE at work.


Excellent course! This course is an invaluable tool for either the budding entrepreneur or those with more experience needing to ‘up their game’. It outlines how to assess what type of venture would work best based on personality type, and more importantly, how to avoid the common pitfalls that beset most failed entrepreneurs.
Prentis G., New York


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