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The Truths about Self Employment White Paper
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The Focus Program for Emerging Entrepreneurs
Know if self-employment is the right path for you

New Thinking & a More Logical Approach to Entrepreneurship

Lowering the rate of small business failures and saving our National Treasures

This resource is a truthful, logical commentary on small business and entrepreneurship. Many of those truths are born of non-traditional thinking. You’ll find insights into entrepreneurs, their challenges, their lives, and their critical place free world societies. Unfortunately, you’ll also find that their place in society is often given short shrift. Both our work and the Focus Program for Emerging Entrepreneurs are dedicated to the core of free world economies, the entrepreneur.

The Focus Program was developed around completely new thinking about entrepreneurship, truths about self-employment and a logical, practical system for increasing the odds of success in business. The program is the first and only process that can result in the development of a ‘Personal Entrepreneurial Portrait’℠, a word picture that helps people define their entrepreneurial selves and create an outline for making their dreams a reality. This portrait empowers one to go forward with greater authority and confidence as opposed to the doubts and concerns that plague so many emerging entrepreneurs. Conversely, insights gained from the experience might indicate that self-employment is not a wise choice or perhaps the timing is wrong. Either way, one is able to make better decisions about an entrepreneurial future after than before the process.

The Focus Program teaches:

  • The various ‘types’ of entrepreneurs and what your type is
  • Why discovering your entrepreneurial self is a crucial step on the way to success
  • The pros and cons of different paths to ownership and which one is best for you
  • Whether you should buy a franchise and doing your due diligence
  • How to define and use certain aptitudes you possess for choosing a business environment
  • How to combine Personal Planning Guides with longer range entrepreneurial goals & choices
  • How to use several Case Studies to demonstrate how the elements of the Focus Program fit together
  • How to create a PERSONAL ENTREPRENEURIAL PORTRAIT (PEP)℠; a word picture of yourself in business

Find out the truths about self-employment and if self-employment is right for you

Whether you’re engaged, or will be engaged, with the Focus Program, or whether you are reading out of simple interest in entrepreneurship, this resource will give you pause when thinking about start-ups and the world of self-employment.

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