A Breakthrough in Entrepreneurship Courses

Every other entrepreneurship program is about business plans.


The Focus Program For Emerging Entrepreneurs is completely unique compared to all other entrepreneurship courses. It focuses totally on helping prospective entrepreneurs better understand their potential FIT in the world of business ownership. And it does so by helping answer two critical questions: Should I really be self-employed, and if so, what type of business environment might best fit who I am? Our bottom line philosophy is simple: personal planning should always precede business planning. Nowhere else will you find this belief to be the driving force for prospective entrepreneurs.

The course consists of 36 well structured lectures including case studies and additional reading materials. There are no quizzes or tests in this entrepreneurship course, but you will be prompted to read, reflect and write about a number of subjects with the goal of creating your own ‘Personal Entrepreneurial Portrait’ as the final result. The development of your own multifaceted Personal Entrepreneurial Portrait marks the difference between the Focus Program all other entrepreneurship courses. It is the only course for emerging entrepreneurs that focuses entirely on the complex personal decisions every entrepreneur must (or at least should) make before launching forward.

The audio/video portions are carefully broken down by sections and lectures are presented in a logical sequence meant to be completed over several days, if not weeks, in order to gain maximum personal insight on each topic.

Again, understand this is NOT a program dealing with business plans. Instead the focus is on you as an emerging entrepreneur. View the curriculum that follows and decide if these topics are critical to your future decisions.

Stated simply, the Focus Program is about the entrepreneur’s personal planning; something that should always precede business planning.


Course Outline

Section 1: Orientation & Introduction
1Stating The Problem04:44
2Foundation of the Focus Program04:52
3A Fundamental Truth About Self-Employment03:17
4A Formula for Successful Planning03:31
5Self Knowledge & Independence08:41
Section 2: Entrepreneurial Types
6Defining an Entrepreneur05:42
7Employee Manager, Intrapreneur, Franchisee & Business Opportunity Buyer05:59
8Independent, Practical Visionary & Summary04:31
Section 3: Pathways to Ownership
9Defining the Pathways07:47
10Purchased Format as a Start-up04:12
11Purchased Format as a Takeover03:01
12Independent as a Start-up02:32
13Independent as a Takeover03:16
14Special Considerations for Takeovers06:09
Section 4: Aptitudes
15Defining & Using Aptitudes04:20
16Aptitudes & Gifts of Intelligence05:39
17Generalist & Specialist07:36
18Introvert & Extrovert03:22
19Personal Frames of Reference06:49
20Spatial vs. Abstract Thinking05:16
Section 5: Purchased Formats
21Defining a Franchise02:43
22Traits of ‘Quality’ Franchises05:05
23Examining the Heart of a Franchise04:26
24Advantages of Franchising02:22
25Disadvantages of Franchising01:51
26Investigating via the Marketing Department04:56
27Final Thoughts on Franchising05:07
Section 6: Case Studies
28Using the Case Studies01:43
29Case 1. Delivering on an Entrepreneurial Vision08:39
30Case 2. Gradual Steps to Self-Employment04:43
31Case 3. Corporate Manager Finds an Entrepreneurial Home06:25
32Case 4. A Cautious Move to Independence05:40
Section 7: Group Work, Planning Guides & Summary
33Group Work05:33
34Personal Planning Guides 1 – 204:27
35Personal Planning Guides 3-803:55