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Know Your Entrepreneurial Self

Entrepreneurship ProgramsAre About Business Plans…

The Focus Program Is About Entrepreneurs Finding THEIR Logical Path To Self-Employment

Welcome to a unique and needed approach to entrepreneurship in which the mission is quite simple: Help prospective entrepreneurs better understand themselves and their potential fit in the world of business ownership BEFORE taking action. 

The Focus Program achieves this by addressing two critical questions: Should I really be self-employed, and if so, what type of business environment might best fit who I am? The philosophy driving the program is also simple, namely: Personal Planning Should Always Precede Business Planning.

There are 36 well structured lectures plus additional reading materials. There are no quizzes or tests in this course. Instead, students reflect on and write about a number of subjects with the goal of creating a ‘Personal Entrepreneurial Portrait’℠, a word picture of the prospective entrepreneur in action. The portrait results from complex personal decisions every entrepreneur must (or should) make before launching into self-employment.

Adrianne Bibby

Adrianne Bibby

About the Program Leader

Adrianne Bibby is Principal of the Bibby Group, an international franchise consulting firm. She is a researcher and journalist providing information via articles and Bibby Group’s franchise blog.

Her career includes Newsday, Los Angeles Times and The New York Times where she was the Washington Bureau Editor.

Adrianne took her formal education at Princeton, Paris-Sorbonne, and Georgetown universities.

Why we started The Focus Program

We started The Focus Program because we saw too many small business owners and entrepreneurs fail when they could have succeeded with the right experience and instruction.

What you’ll learn

  • The various ‘types’ of entrepreneurs and what your type is
  • Why discovering your entrepreneurial self is a crucial step on the way to success
  • The pros and cons of different paths to ownership and which one is best for you
  • Whether you should buy a franchise and doing your due diligence
  • How to define and use certain aptitudes you possess for choosing a business environment
  • How to combine Personal Planning Guides with longer range entrepreneurial goals & choices
  • How to use several Case Studies to demonstrate how the elements of the Focus Program fit together
  • How to create a PERSONAL ENTREPRENEURIAL PORTRAIT (PEP)℠; a word picture of yourself in business

What people are saying

I own multiple businesses and graduated from a Top 20 MBA program, but the Focus process has been one of the most important learning experiences affecting my future success. It should be a requirement for any aspiring business student. The Bibby Group helped me discover important personal and business insights that I simply would not have discovered on my own, and unlike many other “coaching programs,” the Bibby Group helped me align these insights with future goals and plans. It may be an overused cliché, but if you are willing to put in the effort, this program is worth many times the price of admission. My only regret is I did not do it sooner.

John M., Nashville, TN

 Course Outline

Section 1: Orientation & Introduction
1 Stating The Problem 04:44
2 Foundation of the Focus Program 04:52
3 A Fundamental Truth About Self-Employment 03:17
4 A Formula for Successful Planning 03:31
5 Self Knowledge & Independence 08:41
Section 2: Entrepreneurial Types
6 Defining an Entrepreneur 05:42
7 Employee Manager, Intrapreneur, Franchisee & Business Opportunity Buyer 05:59
8 Independent, Practical Visionary & Summary 04:31
Section 3: Pathways to Ownership
9 Defining the Pathways 07:47
10 Purchased Format as a Start-up 04:12
11 Purchased Format as a Takeover 03:01
12 Independent as a Start-up 02:32
13 Independent as a Takeover 03:16
14 Special Considerations for Takeovers 06:09
Section 4: Aptitudes
15 Defining & Using Aptitudes 04:20
16 Aptitudes & Gifts of Intelligence 05:39
17 Generalist & Specialist 07:36
18 Introvert & Extrovert 03:22
19 Personal Frames of Reference 06:49
20 Spatial vs. Abstract Thinking 05:16
Section 5: Purchased Formats
21 Defining a Franchise 02:43
22 Traits of ‘Quality’ Franchises 05:05
23 Examining the Heart of a Franchise 04:26
24 Advantages of Franchising 02:22
25 Disadvantages of Franchising 01:51
26 Investigating via the Marketing Department 04:56
27 Final Thoughts on Franchising 05:07
Section 6: Case Studies
28 Using the Case Studies 01:43
29 Case 1. Delivering on an Entrepreneurial Vision 08:39
30 Case 2. Gradual Steps to Self-Employment 04:43
31 Case 3. Corporate Manager Finds an Entrepreneurial Home 06:25
32 Case 4. A Cautious Move to Independence 05:40
Section 7: Group Work, Planning Guides & Summary
33 Group Work 05:33
34 Personal Planning Guides 1 – 2 04:27
35 Personal Planning Guides 3-8 03:55
36 Summary 02:49

Find out BEFORE you’re self-employed if being an entrepreneur is the right path for you

You’ll have immediate access to this one-of-a-kind, personal insight program for 99 days. If you or someone you know is dreaming about self-employment, but stalled due to insufficient focus, direction and conviction, the tools you require for making better, more informed decisions can be found in The Focus Program.

No one and no course can guarantee your entrepreneurial success, but the Focus Program will provide you with GREATER FOCUS, DIRECTION AND CLARITY FOR SELF-EMPLOYMENT THAN YOU HAVE TODAY!

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