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Entrepreneurial Facts of Life


Fact #1

More than ½ of U.S. adults dream about owning a business, but less than one in one hundred (less than 1%) will ever get into business.  Why?


Because to reach the goal of self-employment the business entrepreneur must face and conquer major issues such as: Aspiring Entrepreneur

  •   Fear of the unknown
  •   Lack of clarity and direction
  •   Confusion over multiple options, and
  •   Absence of a logical “personal” plan

This is PERFECTLY NORMAL AND NATURAL. Why would any sane person jump into a business that will cost them time, money, and emotion without being able to confidently say:

“I have a clear vision of my business and of myself as an emerging entrepreneur.”


If you want to be able to confidently make that statement … If you want to remove the doubts and the obstacles keeping you from your entrepreneurial dreams … then you need to experience The Focus Program for Emerging Entrepreneurs. This is the first and only program for building a sound entrepreneurial foundation.


Fact #2

Successful entrepreneurship does NOT begin with a business plan. It begins with a PERSONAL plan.


Only The Focus Program will help you understand your entrepreneurial SELF, and the cost of the program is insignificant compared to the time and money that most people waste as they search for “what to do next.”


Fact #3

We are wrongly told that businesses fail due to lack of money and knowledge. Not true. They fail because owners do not FIT with their businesses.

Only The Focus Program will show you how to find the right “fit” between yourself and a business opportunity. Our counseling process is grounded in the concept of “fit” and in your best interests, not the desire to sell you a franchise or business opportunity.

Fact #4

There is not just one TYPE of entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurial personality


The Focus Program breaks with all tradition and presents you with the concept of entrepreneurial TYPE so that you can decide where you might FIT in the world of self-employment. (For example, if you choose a franchise broker to help you select a business, guess what? You will magically become a logical candidate to own a franchise.) First learn who YOU are in the world of entrepreneurship so that you have the tools to choose YOUR OWN PATH. Understand yourself as a business entrepreneur and grow in confidence. This is a critical step in starting a business.

-The Focus Program for Emerging Entrepreneurs will help you answer the two questions haunt all prospective entrepreneurs.


“Should I really be in business for myself?”

And if so, “What type of business should it be?”